Thursday, May 5, 2011

Natural Penis Enlargement-Review

Enjoy Explosive Sex With A Large Penis Size

Some people may argue that size does not matter and that it’s what you do with it that’s more important. If you truly believe this, you’re either a girl who hasn’t had your fill of variety or you’re a man with an average or a smaller than average dick trying to console yourself.

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I for one believe that size matters a lot. There’s just so much more that you can do when you have a bigger package. And trust me, once a woman knows just how much more satisfying sex can be with a bigger and more powerful penis, there’s no denying the impact of size.

Just imagine, never having to wonder if she thinks she’s had better, because you know there’s no comparison. Imagine never having to worry about satisfying a girl in bed, because you know you easily can. Men with bigger packages have it easy. Imagine the impact it would have on your confidence, with the way you interact with women.

But what can you do if you had been given a modest sized dick? Actually, there are a lot of options available right now to men who would like to have a large penis size. There are pills, lotions, patches, implants, and even out right surgery. Of course, these options carry certain risks with them, which you need to be aware of before you decide to do any of them.

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Penis enlargement pills and lotions are convenient and easy to take. Just pop a pill or rub it in and you’re done. However, numerous studies have shown that most of these pills are useless, sold only for profit and take advantage of men like us. Some studies have also revealed that these drugs may be manufactured in substandard processes, resulting in contamination such as molds, yeasts, pesticides and even e.coli. You must keep in mind that these drugs are not FDA approved, so their safety and efficacy profile are definitely questionable.

As for implants and surgery, these methods perhaps carry the most risks. These procedures, once done, are usually irreversible. Doctors do not recommend them for merely cosmetic reasons. These procedures also carry a high risk of erectile dysfunction.

Perhaps the safest method that you can explore when it comes to achieving a large penis size is natural exercises. These exercises work by stimulating your penis’ corpora cavernosa to create new cells. The corpora cavernosa are the 2 chambers that run the length of your penis. During an erection, these chambers fill with blood. They are responsible for your penis length and girth during an erection.
Through exercises, you stimulate the blood flow into the corpora cavernosa. This then encourages new cells to grow, which adds length and girth to your penis.

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