Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sex Positions to Delay Ejaculation - Do They Really Make A Difference?

If you are a man and you want to improve your staying power during sex, then knowing the best sex positions to delay ejaculation could be crucial to your sexual performance.

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom ( - Surveys reveal that 8 out of 10 men don’t last more than 2 minutes. That means that most men do not last long enough to explore a second or a third sex position before coming. If you are not using a variety of positions during sex, that in itself could be one reason why you come prematurely.

What is it with different sex positions that can help men last longer? It’s all about stimulation and control. In order to prevent premature ejaculation or coming earlier than you want, you need to manage your stimulation levels so you lower it before it reaches the “point of no return”.

In theory, it sounds simple enough. Before you get to the peak, bring it down a level, and then bring it back up again. Doing this several times increases pleasure and also significantly increases the amount of time that you have before you come.

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In practice, however, it can be very hard. This is because during sex, we are often too caught up that by the time we realize we are about to come, there is practically nothing we can do to stop it. And so, in order for sex positions to work for you, you need to first learn how to keep your arousal levels in check.
According to Edward White, author of the Prejaculation Manual, a stimulation awareness scale can be used by men during sex. This scale runs from 1 to 10, with one being least stimulated and 10 is when you ejaculate. Throughout sex, keep tabs of your stimulation levels every few seconds.

In order to last long in bed you need to learn to bring your arousal levels down while you still can. This means, when you reach a 7, slow down what you are doing and use this opportunity to focus on your partner to reduce stimulation to yourself, and the switch to another position when you are ready to build it up again.

Using this scale, you can also rate various sexual positions to determine which positions raise your stimulation levels quickly and which ones do so moderately. This information about various sexual positions will prove helpful in delaying ejaculation, and in making sure both you and your partner have a lot of fun.

Now, the stimulation you get out of each sexual position is different for each man. For best results, you have to try various sex positions and rate each one in terms of how quickly you are aroused by it, and how easy it is for you to stop or slow down in those positions. But in general, positions where you do not have full control of your body or you are balancing yourself with your strength are going to be more difficult to pull back from. For example, a missionary position requires you to balance on your arms and thighs, which makes it more stressful on your muscles. Compare this to a spoons position where you are on your side. Your weight is more evenly distributed, making it less tiring and less stressful for you.

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